Plate Locks are the Ultimate Cold Mix Alternative and a Revolution In Securing Steel Road Plates.

They are the solution to the problem you never knew you had.

steel plate securing system, road plate securing systemPlate Locks, an American manufactured product, are a direct replacement to using cold patch asphalt or flush mounting the plate. It is intended to reduce costs, work zone accidents, injuries and contractor liabilities by consistently marking, identifying and securing road construction plates. Plate Locks are placed around the perimeter of the road plate and mechanically fastened to the roadway with concrete anchors.

This innovative product makes cold patch trench plate securing a thing of the past and reduces your liability while increasing public safety. Never have another sleepless night wondering if your trench plates have shifted, or walked again. No more phone calls from the city, county or police during the wee hours of the morning telling you to come fix a trench plate that has moved and is posing a risk.

Plate Locks can be left in place when steel road plates are removed to allow work to be done in the trench or for inspections. When the work or inspection is done simply replace the steel plate. There is no need to reinstall the Plate Locks. Compare that to needing to replace cold patch every time the road plate is moved and you quickly see you have a winning alternative to traditional methods of securing trench plates.

Plate Locks increase safety for employees, motorists and cyclists while reducing liability. They are safety orange and can be clearly seen by motorists and bicyclists, easily alerting them to the steel road plate in their driving lane thus eliminating accidents. This has been said so many times…

Plate Locks pay for themselves the first time they’re used and will save you a lot of money in labor costs because they can be installed or removed in a fraction of the time it takes a crew to throw down or remove cold patch. And the best news is you can use them over and over again!

trench plates, moving, creeping, walking, secure, fasten, fasteningEvery competition we have entered Plate Locks into we have won. And it’s no wonder. Plate Locks are revolutionary in the industry. It’s a simple solution to a problem every underground construction crew has faced. Road plates that creep or walk as traffic passes over them. Not only does this product stop that problem. But they also increase safety for your crew and drivers. They will save you money and time.

Pilot Rock Excavation

June 3, 2009
To Whom It May Concern:

This is an unqualified endorsement from Pilot Rock Excavation of Central Point, Oregon for the Plate Locks trench plate securing system. We have been using Plate Locks for about a year on several projects in Southern Oregon. Our previous practice for securing trench plates was to surround them with cold-mix asphalt. That old method has literally kept us awake at night with worry about plate walk in heavily traveled areas. Plate Locks has ended our worries about the trench plates moving and causing a serious accident.

Plate Locks is easier to use than asphalt. It is cleaner and more professional, in addition to being safer. An added safety benefit is the increased visibility of Plate Locks as motorists approach a plated area. That bright orange strip in or across the traffic lane causes most motorists to slow down when they otherwise might not. Plate Locks is durable and can be used over and over.   The savings over the cost of cold-mix asphalt and the labor to place it multiply every time we use Plate Locks.

We especially like the fact that Plate Locks can be left in place while work is performed in the trench. At the end of the day the plates can simply be placed back over the trench and the Plate Locks will hold it in place until access to the trench is needed again.

The comments we receive on our trench plates are complimentary now that we are using Plate Locks instead of asphalt. We also like the idea that Plate Locks is a recyclable, non-polluting product. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for cold-mix asphalt.

Plate Locks has made our jobsites safer, less worrisome and less expensive. We encourage anyone engaged in utility construction or repair work in traffic situations to try Plate Locks.

Rand LeBaron, President
Rilot Rock Excavation


Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel

Dear Chris:


I have been meaning to write to you concerning our use of the Plate Lock system at the

Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel (CBBT) this past year. The CBBT is a 17-mile bridge and

tunnel span at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. It is a major north-south route handling

personal vehicle and heavy-duty truck traffic at 55 mile per hour speeds.


Our contract required the 8 roadway cuts @ the mouth of the two tunnels. The owner was very

involved in the plate hold down method. After several unsuccessful attempts using standard

steel roadway plates bolted directly to the roadway (18 wheel tractor-trailers hitting the plate @

55 mph on a 30ᴼ incline/decline) we contacted your company regarding the Plate Lock System.

The top two men in charge of maintenance at the CBBT (both ex-VDOT supervisors) agreed to

try the system.


We were all happy to say that the Plate Lock system worked without a hitch. Mr. Holloway of

CBBT indicated that if VDOT wanted a recommendation from him on the use of this system he

would be happy to give one. It is certainly our intention to use the Plate Lock system again in

the future and would highly recommend it.





Michael R. Agnew