Plate Locks Are The Ultimate Solution To Securing Steel Road Plates

secure trench plates, methods to secure steel road platesReduces labor costs in the installation and removal process of road plates because they install and remove significantly faster than using cold patch.

Are designed with safety in mind for the construction worker and the public. They get the installer out of the roadway quickly. The highly visible safety orange color alerts motorists, cyclists and pedestrians of the installed road plates ahead.

The wedged shape design creates a smooth transition for the motorist and cyclist from the road surface, to the top of the plate, and back to the road surface.

Are mechanically fastened to the roadway, preventing sliding and shifting of road plates, unlike cold patch, which depends solely on adhesion to the roadway.


Are re-usable. The product pays for itself after 1-2 uses versus cold patch asphalt material.

Are made from an inert material, which contains no off gassing and is recyclable.

Contains no VOC’s that can enter into the air destroying our ozone layer and will not release harmful chemicals into our storm drains.