The Outdated Current Method To Securing Road Trench Plates

cold patch alternative, securing, secure, steel, trench, road platesThe common way to secure road plates to the road is with “cold patch” asphalt. This method is not environmentally conscious due to the solvents that are contained within most cold patch material.

Securing road plates to the road with cold patch asphalt is not safe because it doesn’t consistently secure the plate to the road. Plates often loosen and shift as they are continuously driven over.

Cold patch asphalt is less visible because the color blends with the road. It doesn’t always provide adequate warning for the motorist and cyclist to slow down before driving over the road plate.

When cold patch asphalt is used to secure the road plate, it tends to crumble and builds up on top of the road plate. The build up effect is like little marbles, causing a two wheeled vehicle to slide.

It is time consuming and labor intensive to install and remove cold patch asphalt around the road plate.